How To Use Stocks Smartly

How To Use Stocks Smartly

The public in general does have a very negative view of people using the stock markets. It is like considering the knife to be dangerous because it can be used to harm people. There are positive ways that a knife can be put to use and taking a more wholesome view, the knife proves to be more of a blessing than a curse.

Investing in stocks is just like using knifes in life. There are the instances of people getting badly done in by the stocks but there are some powerful reasons why people should make it a habit to put some bit of money each month or on a regular basis, into stocks. The advantages of following a disciplined plan of investment are as discussed in the brief below.

As a means of generating surpluses

The person who takes a long term view to putting money in the stocks is never disappointed. There are numerous tales of those folks using the capital market as a short term avenue to generate an income, that the general public is mislead to thinking it is more of a lottery than anything else. Most markets do have their cycles and it is never as thought the movement would always be upward or indeed downward. So the key is to allow the cycles to play out and to bring in a return that is consistent with the growth rates of the sections of the economy that the person is invested in.

Thus, it could be said that the period of staying invested is the single most element in finding a due return for capital deployed at all times.

Managing inflation with stocks

Inflation is a regular feature of most economies around the world. But some economies are more susceptible to inflation than others. This has to do with the structure of the economy concerned as well as with the broader issues concerning the management skills of those handling the economy.

A trend of the stock markets is that the return on capital is often insured against the inflationary trends. The very structure of the markets makes this so and this would hold good for anyone staying put in the market over a medium term duration. Most markets are replete with instruments that can be used to protect the individual from the debilitating effects of inflation.

Taking advantage of the liquidity of the markets

Modern stock markets are so efficient in their functioning that it is really possible to move around funds at the click of the mouse button, literally. This enables most people who would have some spare money around for some small time period, to put these moneys to work for them. But the crucial part is the choice of the instrument chosen.

Most markets would have specific and specialized instruments that are meant to be used to handle the temporary cash flows. They are designed in such a way as to facilitate the easy flow of money into and out of the system. Thus the investor is provided a working system that ensures that the purchasing power of the free money in hand is not lost at any time. But the key here is to stick to using the correct set of financial instruments.

Understanding the risks involved with stocks

Every means of investment does carry a certain amount of risks. But the beauty of the stock markets is that the investor can get to decide on the level or degree of risk to expose his investments at any time. So those with a higher risk appetite would put the money in the chancier of investments so as to fetch a better return on the capital and those who would be risk averse would choose an appropriate instrument according to their needs.

Thus it is important to understand the risks involved. It would be safe to say that people who commonly get burnt in the capital markets do so because they would not have understood the risks properly and well.

The feature of a mature stock market is the possibility that risks can be neutralized. That is it is possible to control the amount of risk that a person is exposed to at any time. The instruments available with the modern investor are so varied and powerful that it is quite possible to customize the risk profile of an individual.

The role of the investment advisors and brokers

Transactions in the stocks are done on the floor of the stock exchanges. There is bound to be regulations as to who can deal on the typical exchanges and the common folks must use the services of such intermediaries or stock brokers. The broker would put through a deal on behalf of a client for a fee charged for the service.

The broker is different from the financial advisor. Although it is possible that the broker can offer some form of financial advises most of the time as he is in the field the whole working day. But the more practical of investors would not rely on a single advisor to make the investments and more so if the sums involved are rather large.

No matter how highly regarded or how highly recommended a broker or advisor is to an investor, the money is always that of the person handling it. Thus sufficient checks and safety features must be taken during each investment decision.


Those planning to invest sums of money in stocks are advised to be properly advised and be aware of the risks involved in the very activity. There would be little point in feeling regretful after a bad deal and the most suitable situation would be to be guarded against any negative result. The investments in stocks can prove fruitful in the long run to those folks who take the trouble to identify the correct instrument to make use on each of the occasions. There is never a win all formula to be applied at any time.

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